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M Y   A P P R O A C H

Typesetting a title usually costs nothing. One therefore has to ask how hand-done titling can enhance sales. In a design climate dominated by mass-produced typeface, hand done lettering stands out on shelves and in catalogues. It gives the book an edge in a very competitive industry.

As far as children's influence on purchases is concerned, there is a great interest in unusual letter forms and writing - more so than among adults because children are busy learning to write. The title of a book should add to the fascination of the cover. 

The second priority is aesthetics. The lettering must be original and I have no difficulty creating fresh style. However, the lettering must also be legible and well suited to the illustration style. Matching a typeface is often square-peg-in-round-hole while there is more flexibility when the lettering is done by hand.

I have a passion for what I do and particularly enjoy the playful aspects of lettering for children's books. I am also a perfectionist  -but one who appreciates happy accidents and the natural touch of the hand. I hope it shows in my work: 


If you wish to have me do some lettering for a book, simply email me the wording of the title and credits, describe any ideas or preferences you might have (you may even include some typeface references) and attach a JPEG of the cover and title page and any other pages which may be relevant (about screen size will do). 
At this stage we can negotiate a price, and I will begin by emailing you some rough lettering and layout proposals.When a rough is approved, I do finished art, scan it and email it in TIFF file format along with a JPEG size and positioning guide for the book designer to work with. Once the designer has placed the lettering, he or she usually sends me a JPEG of the layout to check and any fine-tuning is done. Then you print the book and send me a copy!

W H A T   O T H E R S   H A V E   S A I D

"Dear Andrew, I am pleased to enclose your copy of CATCH THAT GOAT!
We all think the lettering looks fantastic - thank you for your hard work.
Best wishes, Zoe."
- Barefoot Books 

"Andrew, the lettering is wonderful, just the way I wanted to go! Thankyou."
Designer, the Faery's Gift

"Dear Andrew
Once again - lovely lettering and an eye catching title.
I love those zingy 'a's and the question mark really does a little boogie at the end."

-Niki Daly re Where's Jamela?

N I K I   D A L Y

You may notice that most of the books displayed here are Niki Daly's. Its all thanks to his enthusiasm for my work that I got into childrens' books. Niki is great to work with -a perfectionist and a creative genius. His illustrations have soul -a rare thing.
Thanks Niki!

Niki's web site: http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/njdaly/INDEX.htm 

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