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Image can play a pivotal role in the success of a business -especially in the initial stages before a reputation is established. Corporate ID needs to be apt, original and memorable. A hand-done wordmark goes a long way acieving this. Computer typeface is often apt only in the sense that it is the lowest common denominator.

- A wordmark with its business card application for a a company producing fine ceramic ware with botanical illustration of indigenous flora. The brief was to create a natural look -something that hinted at the veld. "Put the wind in it," said the client. The wordmark was placed in a stone-shaped container and I used some of the calligraphy I did for the product names to create a soft background:

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In a similar vein is the image created for a garden landscaper. I drew a bouqet of restio grasses -complete with botanical names- to be used in tandem with a hand written name:



A South African tour company liked this rising sun lion which I evolved from a mane of calligraphic markings. I thought it looked strong and engaging enough on its own but the client wanted it encapsulated in some way. The diamond shape worked best but overwhelmed the logo so I broke the background with designs found on African textiles. The result was a softer yet more "African" atmosphere:

E-stationery is a neglected aspect of corporate identity -a fact which makes for greater impact for businesses which DO go to the trouble. The following e-stationery was designed for a business which delivers organic produce to your door and for a physiotherapisst:

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- A logo using typeface arranged in the shape of a tree for the The South African Children's Book Forum:

My work is not all organic-looking. I do what is appropriate. Here is a logo for Nemesis Software Systems. The client asked for something that suggested the Jin-Yang. I used the the negative spaces of the letter N to get the desired result:


I pride myself in finding solutions like this. My services also extend to consultation re. the naming of businesses, the handling of printing and the design of e-stationery.

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